Jo-Anne McArthur: the most important animal photographer of our time

When it comes to animal activism, I’ve always believed the most powerful tools we have as activists are undercover investigations.

The truth is that the majority of animal cruelty at the hands of humans is done for major industries behind closed doors.

Joe-Anne MacArthur

From animal farming for food and textiles to zoos and circuses to laboratories, etc. – all of these industries know that if the public saw how they regularly mistreat animals, people would be outraged.

It’s why you can’t just walk up to a factory farm or an animal testing facility, knock on the door, and ask for a tour. It’s why states across the US have passed ag-gag laws that attempt to criminalize undercover investigations.

It’s also why Ringling Bros. is out of business.

While undercover operations carried out by brave animal activists have been going on for decades, there is one activist I’d specifically like to spotlight: Jo-Anne McArthur.

Even if you’ve never heard her name, you’ve likely seen her photographs. McArthur’s award-winning, powerful and haunting work has been featured in National Geographic, HuffPost, and Photolife – among many other media outlets.

These hens are forced to share a cage with a dead friend.

Her subject? Animals in the human environment.

For more than a decade, McArthur has traveled to over 40 countries documenting how animals are exploited by humans for food, clothing, entertainment, research, and more.

For more…at

And I mean…«Good information is hard to come by.
It’s even harder to do anything with them, ” said Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

With the excellent work of Jo-Anne McArthur and other undercover investigators, we can know what animals suffer in concentration camps around the world.

Although the media have sold their souls to the devil and are information carriers for the meat and milk mafia around the world, we can still find out what happens when we want.
If we want! but the majority do not want to.

This is the world’s worst human character trait: indifference!
And that’s why we still come up with enough excuses not to look facts in the eye, in order not to decide and act …

1. My conscience is clear because I buy my meat from the farmer next door. All of this only happens in Thailand
2. You can actually slaughter animals in small farms, painlessly, and my neighbor will do it.
3. I am actually animal-friendly, I also have dogs myself.
4. Actually, animals are always slaughtered, which is quite natural.
5. If there was something useful in this stupid vegan diet, it would have prevailed.
6. I don’t have a great idea about animal rights and animal ethics, but all of these are arguments that are totally weak.
7. It’s just like that, we can’t change anything

Note: Each of these excuses legalizes your “private choice”. But if your private decision means torture and death for others, then it is not a private decision, it is a collaboration to crime.

My best regards to all, Venus


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