Animal transports: “there are corrupt and illegal machinations here”!

Last year it was revealed that the partially existing bans on high-risk animal transports were deliberately circumvented because individual authorities and veterinarians nonetheless issued permits and specific bypass trips were taking place within Germany.

Knowing that the animals will be transported to Central Asia or North Africa under horrible conditions!

These regions are defined as “animal welfare high-risk states” because there are no EU standards for handling animals. Several federal states reacted at the time and initially prohibited all transports.

Because if a country does not comply with EU standards, no transports are allowed there.

Now the editors of Panorama, Mittagsmagazin, and RBB report that even after the discoveries at the time, the transports to non-EU countries, which are regarded as illegal, continue to take place.
Animal welfare standards are apparently deliberately not implemented!

The requirements are thus deliberately disregarded and the governments deliberately left regulatory patchwork carpets – some speak of “loopholes”, but many states that there are corrupt and illegal machinations here.

The requirements are thus deliberately disregarded and the governments deliberately left regulatory patchwork carpets – some speak of “loopholes”, but many states that there are corrupt and illegal machinations here.

The program can be viewed in the ARD media library from today – please spread the information everywhere.
The Hessian animal welfare officer uncovered the scandalous conditions as early as 2019 and initially put politicians under massive pressure.

On the journeys through Russia, there are neither the rest stops where the animals can find water, food, and rest nor are the temperatures in the trucks bearable.
They also fall below -10 degrees Celsius in an icy wind!

It’s just as disastrous on the ships.

Dead animals have repeatedly washed ashore on the beaches of the Mediterranean – they fell ill or died in the ships, where the animals press against each other without fresh air or space.

They starve and thirst, get weak and sick.
Then they are simply thrown overboard – their death is already factored in in the sales price and even pays off.

Some ships also sink and the animals drown in agony.

In the destination countries, the surviving animals are then treated brutally, animal welfare hardly plays a role.
Recordings of investigative research have repeatedly stirred up the public.

Politicians, therefore, have away in the short term, but individual authorities at the lower levels do not seem to care and the higher EU level is not even making mini-steps.
The German Agriculture Minister Klöckner does not move.

What is finally needed is effective and strict bans on such animal transports that cannot even guarantee the already low animal welfare standards in force!

And animal transports should be generally prohibited as soon as possible, which is what the PARTY “MENSCH UMWELT TIERSCHUTZ” advocates.

We stay tuned!

And I mean: The animals are at the mercy of torture and abuse within the EU.
For some, the horror of crossing EU borders goes even further.

Even within the EU, supply in trucks is only sparse, if at all. Most of the time, the drinking facilities are dirty, damaged, or simply inaccessible.
Thirsty and hungry, they stand in their own feces and urine during their transport, the air turns into a smell of ammonia.

Stressed, exhausted, squashed, in pain, and sometimes injured, they often spend days or even months in the transport container. Then they are usually forcibly taken out of them by brutal people.

Very often pregnant animals are transported too, although this is not allowed according to the EU statute, some of them give birth in the transporters, others end up at the slaughterhouse with the baby in their womb.

Honor Funk: (MEP until 1999) said:
“So far the Commission has always told us that they have no money to hire inspectors for the transport of animals.
And then we got angry and said that we would invent a budget line for it, and we pushed it through in Parliament.
It was great that Parliament gave support here, at least.
But the Commission was unable to set up inspectors at all at this time – the money has been available since 1995- to control these terrible animal transports. “

We have declared the other living beings to be “commodities”.

There was a time when part of the human population of the earth was also regarded as “belonging to something else”.
In which millions of slaves from Africa were locked together as human cargo in the lower decks of ships in order to transport them to North America and other parts of the world.

They too were beaten if they did not cooperate and thrown overboard if they fell ill or died.

The survivors were exploited, “bred” and resold. Their dealers made a fortune with it.
Fortunately, this kind of exploitation has been abolished.

An even worse one, the exploitation of non-human animals, remained and was even intensified.
Proof that we are still living on the tree in terms of our moral development towards non-human animals.

My best regards to all, Venus


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