How the media manipulate public opinion

Shark alarm in Mallorca: two meters long animal washed up on the beach!!

March 22, 2021 –
Shock for locals and holidaymakers: a dead shark washed up on a beach in western Mallorca (!!!)

The animal was about two meters long and had a large wound on the head, as reported by the “Diario de Mallorca” portal.

Hai must have been dead for a few days

Presumably, it is a blue shark or gray shark, it says in the report.
He was found on the beach of the former fishing village of Sant Elm (municipality of Andratx) and has probably been dead for several days.

Strong waves could have washed the animal ashore.
Now we want to investigate what the shark died of.

Blue sharks are not uncommon in the Mediterranean

Adult blue sharks can grow to be around three and a half meters long. They are not uncommon in the Mediterranean and live at a depth of around 350 meters. However, they usually do not swim close to the shore – only when they are sick or disoriented.

The animals are also dangerous to humans but are not considered aggressive.

According to the World Wide Fund For Nature (WWF) conservation organization, blue sharks are critically endangered in the Mediterranean.
They died en masse on bait lines for swordfish and tuna or in trawls.

Great white shark caused a stir in Mallorca in 2018 (!!!)

Almost three years ago, a great white shark caused a stir in the Balearic Islands. A five-meter-long animal was sighted near the island of Cabrera (south of Mallorca) – for the first time in decades in this Mediterranean region.

And I mean…The desired attention is already generated in the first few lines: Shark Alarm in Mallorca (!)
Dead the shark is certainly very dangerous.

An alarm would be if 50 living sharks around the beach were disoriented and not if you were on land and photographed the carcass with others (by the way – what a bleak motif!)

If the alarm bells have not rung for some … the great white shark comes from 2018 and then … even the most animal-friendly holidaymaker should change his mind about the “Beast shark” and classify these otherwise harmless mammals as an ultra-risk for swimmers.

And above all, because he was in his living space!

This is how the press works: with falsehoods, psychological tricks, and opinion control, today’s citizen comes to a conviction that fits the system of the respective country.

So that we stay informed of the real facts

My best regards to all, Venus


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