Whaling in Norway – hunters refer to the Vikings!!

While diplomats and the media focus primarily on Japan’s whaling, Norway’s whaling has been on the upswing for years-long neglected.
In the Scandinavian country, requirements for whaling were systematically removed and an unauthorized catch quota was released.

In addition, the demand for whale meat in their own country has been pushed by the state – and exports to Japan have increased dramatically since 2016.

The whalers always like to refer to their roots back to the Vikings (!!!) – even though Norway is one of the most modern and prosperous countries in the world.

The world is silent – Norway continues to kill whales

Although Norway is gradually expanding whaling – the arbitrary quotas have been repeatedly increased by the government (see Fig. 1), in the medium term even 2,000 whales are targeted – the world public has remained astonishingly silent on this so far!

Fig. 1: Whaling in Norway: Approved quotas (blue) & animals actually killed (red) (as of March 2021)

And this despite the fact that the northern European country uses its own calculation model to calculate fishing quotas that have not been approved by the International Whaling Commission (IWC).

In the spring of 2017 it was also announced that an alarmingly large proportion of the whales killed in Norway are female, the vast majority of them pregnant.

This means that doubts about the sustainability of the unauthorized fishing quotas set by Oslo are more than justified.

Exports of meat for whaling to Japan

In 2014, the country started exporting whale meat to Japan. Within a short period of time, these have escalated from 82 tons (in 2014) to over 197 tons in 2016 and have remained at a high level since then (see Figure 2).

Fig. 2: Development of whale meat exports from Norway (as of March 2021)

In just five years Norway has exported more than 1.1 million kilograms of whale meat, 98.5 percent of which went to Japan.

Since Japan suffered a severe setback at the International Court of Justice because of its whaling in 2014 and significantly reduced the number of catches, Norway wants to fill this gap.


The IWC, whose moratorium is brazenly undermined by Norway, has not passed a single resolution against commercial whaling since 2001.
It is precisely this silence that Norway regards as silent acceptance.

What is “Pro Wildlife” doing?

We continue to work on increasing the pressure on Norway.

Our goal is to reach the long-overdue resolution at the IWC conference as soon as possible.
To this end, we inform political decision-makers at an early stage about the latest developments in Norway via >> briefings.

Our report “Frozen in Time” in 2016 revealed for the first time the package of control measures the Norwegian government used to appease the IWC – and how little is left of these promises.

We, therefore, call on the European Union that Norway’s whaling is no longer accepted and that it is finally given a resolution.

Our report already had an impact at the 2016 whaling conference, where the EU voiced clear criticism of Norway for the first time in many years and called for an end to whale hunting and exports.

This was supported by some other countries.

At the next IWC conference in September 2021, we will fight again to ensure that Norway’s whaling is no longer accepted.


And I mean…On the one hand the lax politics of IWC, on the other hand, its twin sister the EU Commission, which goes as far as criticism and never to punishment, enables murderers to continue the massacre of the whales.

And oh! this grueling tradition of the Viking nostalgics …
People who have had to eat human flesh in order to survive will therefore not hold on to it.
Appeared as an insane motivation too.

Traditions such as slavery, forced marriage, stoning, and human sacrifice have been abandoned by people. It was definitely a tough transition, but the “problems” were definitely worth it.

It’s good that today’s human animals have a conscience, a big brain, empathy, and decision-making ability to abolish traditions that are a construct of the greedy powerful and not of justice and compassion …

My best regards to all, Venus


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